Ronsonville Turns One

One year ago today, I made my first legitimate post to Ronsonville: The Blog. My attention span is pretty short, so to be able to keep up with something like this for this long is a pretty big deal.

Today, I direct you to Kari's Blog (which is at the top of my blog list-o-rama right now). She's already one-upped me on movie making (coming soon, definitely. My first film is currently stuck in post production). Today, she made a documentary about her burrito lunch. It's great, so check it out!


150-word OSCAR RECAP

Everything you wanted to know about the Oscars in 150 words. Here we go:

Apple commercial-like opening. Ellen monologue is awkward (look at all the different races here tonight!), but beats Billy Crystal's "sings the nominees" any night.

Naked "Shadow Man Group" create images from movies using nothing but their bodies. Sometimes a board. Sometimes Ellen.

Terrible montage tributes to random things. Everyone thanks Al Gore. Oscar continues to abuse "Dream Girls," snubbing Eddie "Norbit" Murphy and not giving it Song Of The Year, instead rewarding a message heavy Melissa Etheridge song. More Gore thanks.

Forrest and Helen win best acting. Skinny actresses pretending to be ugly are shut out. With no conventionally attractive winners, E! has nothing to talk about.

"The Departed" wins and Scorsese finally gets Best Director. "Pan's Labyrinth" wins everything else except Best Foreign Film (wha?), sending my scorecard right to the toilet. Four hours later and it's over! It's not the best Oscars, but definitely not the worst (ahem, "Titanic").

Epilogue: This might be a little late -- I think everyone's already forgotten about the Oscars. Go see "The Departed!" Maybe I should see it before I recommend it. Nah, Oscar has never steered me wrong. Oh wait...


An Open Letter to...

...my favorite, up and coming bands and performers:

Hey everybody!

Don't ever put one of your tracks up as the free "iTunes Download of the Week." It's a degrading and awful experience. Seriously, just read the comments on any given week. That's proof enough. Plus, why do you want Fergie and Daughtry fans discussing your music?

Seriously, just don't do it. You might think I'm just kidding around, but I'm not. I'd rather pay 99 cents for your music than see you get slaughtered like that.

Anyway, thanks! Say hi to Jeff for me!


The Verdict Is In: No Fracture

UPDATE: A two-hour doctor trip (that included a trip to the hospital across town), three x-rays and 24 hours later, my doctor called this evening to inform me that the radiologist has determined that there is no fracture in my left distal humerus. As soon as the pain subsides, I should be back to normal. Woohoo – drinks are on me!

(Sweet x-ray illustration courtesy of the UVM College of Medicine...)



Above is the latest and greatest from the "dumb things Ronson has done in the last two months" file. It has been recreated in "wacky cartoon style" since the real story is waaaay to painful.

Here it is:

The stairs leading up to my place are a disaster, especially in snow-related insanity. Well, in Cincinnati this past week, it's been a snow and ice disaster. Friday, I was carrying the Valentine's Day flowers I bought for my girlfriend down these treacherous stairs. In fact, so much of my concentration was focused on them entirely. I had sort of forgotten that the sidewalk and the streets were equally snowy and icy. On about the third step toward my car, I started going down.

It was a slow, annoying fall. I managed to regain my balance a couple of times and didn't want to let go of the flowers in fear of the glass vase breaking and things getting really nasty. Instead I fell slowly and steadily, my knees made it to the ground without incident, my right arm was able to drop the vase right at the moment it hit the ground. But my left arm. Nope, not so lucky with that one.

My left arm was working on balancing out the rest of my body since my right arm was already occupied. It kept stretching further and further (on more ice) until it reached the furthest it could go. I don't remember hearing a snap (or anything, I think I was already yelling at this point), but I could definitely feel the arm going out of whack. It reminded me of how when I was a kid, I used to bring back the arms of my action figures into these unusual and awkward positions. Only it wasn't so cool happening to me.

My instinct was to jump up (which I did) and try to figure out was wrong. I could feel my arm but I couldn't move my fingers. I was a little panicked, but somehow let my arm go limp (I think this is what Kari was suggesting) and in a second it popped back into place. I could bend my arm and move my fingers again, but I was still in some major pain and even more shock.

Since this was Friday night and it doesn't seem like much of an emergency anymore (and I had no interest in paying emergency room prices), I decided to hold off and call the doctor on Monday. While this might not be the best move for several reasons, it's mainly meant three rather painful days of trying to figure out what exactly is wrong. Sometimes it hurts, sometimes it doesn't. There's no bruising, which according to my mom means there might be a slight fracture. Whoopie. Can't wait to find out.

Lessons? No lessons. It's just some annoying crap that ruined my weekend. However it's a somewhat gross story that I can tell people at parties and inspired me to put together a little illustration. It might be my first contribution to Illustration Friday. This week's subject is "gravity."


What's the deal with Interpol?

So, one of my favorite bands from the early 00's, Interpol, has apparently disappeared off the face of the earth. They were originally slated to play SXSW in Austin (which I'm excited to say, I'll be attending this year), but when the preliminary list of bands was announced late last week? No Interpol. Almost as though they were never announced (fortunately other acts like Bloc Party, Lily Allen and The Good The Bad & The Queen are still scheduled to play).

I know these things are "subject to change," but it seemed a little odd that a band I was excited about seeing again disappeared from the list. Even more curious, going to the Interpol Web site gets you nothing but forum speculation (they might be playing SXSW, Coachella and might be releasing a new album soon which may or may not have a title, but absolutely none of this has been confirmed by the band).

Other Web sites offer no help. Capitol is supposedly the band's new label, but there's no mention on their site. Old label Matador has outdated news from 2005, and their myspace page is totally unhelpful and a little weird (go figure). Even doing a simple Google search gets us no closer to the Interpol mystery.

So what gives? Are they so focused on the new album that they've ducked away from all other media and performances until it's complete? Have they (gasp!) broken up? Don't worry, I'll get to the bottom of this. To be continued.

Happy Heart Day

And so, in 320 B.C., St. Valentine (pictured above) had a cow heart sent to his true love. When she rejected it, he stayed home, eating an entire box of chocolates and cursing women everywhere. Thus began the time-honored tradition of Valentine's Day. I think that's pretty much what happened.

Since we're still snowed in over here in Rville, I'll refer you to a post I put together for Popography a couple weeks ago detailing the worst love songs ever (just in case you missed it). However, I'll warn you now: fans of Huey Lewis, Michael Bolton and Celine Dion might want to pass on this one. I'm sure there are tons who check this blog daily...

So have a great V-Day, and remember:

Just when I believed I couldn't ever want for more,
This ever changing world pushes me through another door,
I saw you smile,
And my mind could not erase the beauty of you face,
Just for awhile,
Won't you let me shelter you?


Ronsonville: Snowed In

There is a snow emergency for much of Ronsonville tonight and last week. Blogging has been reduced to important posts only.

The following schools have been canceled:

Ronsonville Central schools
North Ronsonville
Ronsonville Montessori schools
St. Ronsonville's School for Troubled Kids

Local officials have recommended that all non-essential employees be dismissed early to contemplate why they are so non-essential. They also recommend locking yourself in your home and waiting for the white death to pass.

To pass the time, please check out the following CDs:
Califone • Roots & Crowns (Ronson overlooked this excellent low-key CD in 2006)
The Good, The Bad & The Queen • The Good, The Bad & The Queen (Damon Albarn-led, DangerMouse-produced downer-fest -- but with plenty o' good moments).
Stevie Wonder • Innervisions (a damn classic)
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah • Some Loud Thunder (the best CD in the first 37 days of 2oo7)

That is all. Stay tuned for more alerts.


Ronsonville Blowin' Up

Movies are coming soon! In the meantime, I also picked up a couple of computer improvements this weekend. One of those items was a shiny new scanner. What does this mean for you, the Ronsonville blog reader? Enhanced graphics! Like the one above, one of the first of hopefully many illustrations for to keep me in the habit of drawing. My first effort is a variation of the sad clown I like to call "The Remorseful Bully." You might have to zoom in to notice the tear. So, yeah. Get excited for more of this! If I start getting the hang of things, I'll start taking requests...


Last.fm Update

After two weeks on Last.fm, I have discovered who I share music tastes with. They predominantly share the following traits (with each other, not necessarily me):

• Male
• Late teens/Early twenties
• European (everything from the UK to Denmark and Germany)

Wild. More updates to come...