Ronsonville: Snowed In

There is a snow emergency for much of Ronsonville tonight and last week. Blogging has been reduced to important posts only.

The following schools have been canceled:

Ronsonville Central schools
North Ronsonville
Ronsonville Montessori schools
St. Ronsonville's School for Troubled Kids

Local officials have recommended that all non-essential employees be dismissed early to contemplate why they are so non-essential. They also recommend locking yourself in your home and waiting for the white death to pass.

To pass the time, please check out the following CDs:
Califone • Roots & Crowns (Ronson overlooked this excellent low-key CD in 2006)
The Good, The Bad & The Queen • The Good, The Bad & The Queen (Damon Albarn-led, DangerMouse-produced downer-fest -- but with plenty o' good moments).
Stevie Wonder • Innervisions (a damn classic)
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah • Some Loud Thunder (the best CD in the first 37 days of 2oo7)

That is all. Stay tuned for more alerts.


keltzjm said...

Guess who's going to see Clap Your Hands Say Yeah in April?


Ronson said...

Sweet! CYHSY is definitely an acquired taste (mainly cuz of the singer I suppose), but once you get past that, it's really surprising how good they are!

Hmmm...I wonder if they're coming to Cincy...