An Open Letter to...

...indie rock bands with “wolf” in their name (i.e., Wolf Parade, Wolf Eyes Wolfmother, AIDS Wolf, etc.):

I'm not going to buy your CDs or listen to your music. Pick a new word. Thanks for understanding!

Your friend,


Ronson Slagle: Trendsetter?

So, shortly after my beard column was posted online, I find this story in the New York Times. That's right, folks -- Ralph Lauren models now have big, bushy red beards. So hot!


Belated Internet appearances...

Aside from this blog (which I swear I'll tell people about soon), I've also done a little writing lately that has sneaked it's way to the web for tens to see. This would be a column I wrote a few weeks ago about the difficulty of beard living. It fared pretty well, although a few people seemed not to get the joke.

Anyway, enjoy! And comment if you like. I tended to prefer a "no feedback" policy on my Web site, but I don't think that was necessarily a good move. I like hearing about what works and what doesn't. For example, meandering posts like this one? Probably don't work...