Walkmen/Cass McCombs/Pomegranates tonight at Mad Hatter

Since 2001, The Walkmen have been one of my favorite bands that just look like a random assortment of dudes. Believe me, if you passed one of the Walkmen on the street, you'd really have to be paying attention to recognize them. Over the years, I've seen them twice: once at Cincinnati's Desdemona Festival a couple years ago and a few days ago at Pitchfork Fest at Union Park.

Both performances were decent, but I don't think the band is outdoor-appropriate. None of them wear flashy white suits on stage and their music is subtle – not many bombastic, singalong anthems. The best moment of either performance I've seen was early in last weekend's set when lead vocalist Hamilton Leithauser (yeah, pick him out in that picture up there - I'll be impressed) used his sheer force to belt out "In The New Year" over the crappy sound system at Pitchfork's C stage. You could see his veins bulging and the passion was there, even if it wasn't matched by the sounds produced over the amps.

I guess my point is that I'm pretty excited to see them in a club environment – I think it'll suit them much better. If you live anywhere near Covington KY, you should check em out too. Rising star local band The Pomegranates and latest Pitchfork best new music darling Cass McCombs will be there too. Show starts at 8 and the tickets are cheap ($12-14). Details. See you there.