Season opener

Not much going on here at Ronsonville today, so check out the goings-on at my soccer team's blog. Above is a stunning recreation of some of the action that went down at this past week's game. Check out the whole thing here.


Blogs blogs blogs

Here are a couple blog shout outs of recent note. My uncle Mark just got back into blogging and has a great blog featuring some great pics (including the one above of my grandma). Also robots and the tragic page-turner The Love That Failed! You can check it all out here. Definitely worth a visit...

Also, cuz you can't stop reading/seeing enough blogs, pals Dan and Gretchen are on their way to Oregon for the largest relay race in North America. They're putting together a photo diary of the trip. A cross country relay race? Sign me up! (er, to watch, not necessarily to participate. I've got a trick knee. Seriously! I do!) Anyway, you can check that out here... Sounds like it'll be quite a sight!


Go to your local music-buying place

and pick up the following CDs:

1 Tapes 'n Tapes • The Loon
2 The Heartless Bastards • All This Time
3 Thom Yorke • The Eraser
4 Johnny Cash • American V: A Hundred Highways
5 Neko Case • Fox Confessor Brings The Flood

then get this at the itunes store:
Luna • Lunafied

then, just for kicks, pick up:
Al Green's Greatest Hits

C'mon, it'll be fun. You know you want to.


This is great

All the great music I listen to these days is thanks to Clell Tickle...


My movie debut

This is my YouTube debut! My friend Gina has been experimenting w/ video and I'm the subject matter of her first full length (er, 4 minute) film. Or rather, my hair is. Most of my role in the film is rambling and saying goofy things like "opinions of thought" and "interplay." I am completely honored nonetheless...

Check out the woman in the elevator. Definitely a highlight...

Tablet debut

This is my first drawing using the pen and tablet I recently received. It's a little rough-ish. I call it "Bouncer at the G Lounge" ...or whatever.



It's a shame Justin couldn't get a new pic for the rerelease of his 1994 crapfest. It scares me a little when I'm scanning new releases online. His hairstyle is very haunting...


I've got it and I think I'm in love

Well, it's that time of year. In August and September, we (the music-buying public) have to shell out cash for a number of potentially "hot new releases." This could be stuff that either seems promising from unknown artists (i.e. Lily Allen or Lupe Fiasco) or from artists who have a pretty good track record (by the end of the year we should see stuff from Beck, The Shins, DJ Shadow, just to name a few).

So, above is a new video from Beck (which is VERY promising). The song is called "I Think I'm In Love." Check it out and then get annoyed cuz this CD probably won't be out until October...

The other generous preview I have for you today is from Matador Records. Yo La Tengo's latest "I Am Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass" (that's the real title, folks) is on its way on September 12. They've been nice enough to provide a couple of MP3s from the disc "Beanbag Chair" and "Pass The Hatchet, I Think I'm Goodkind."

Please enjoy.