Find of the month...

I ran across Prince's out-of-print "The Gold Experience" today while checking Everybody's Records used section and picked it up for 8 bucks. Why no one has re-released this yet is beyond me -- it's possibly his best "call me a symbol now" albums and after listening to it, the whole thing still holds up pretty well today.

I've kind of been half-looking for it for awhile and to randomly stumble across it was pretty cool. Out of curiosity, I checked eBay, and it's the usual range of minor bidding wars and crazies trying to sell it for $60.

Anyway, what was my point? Eh, not sure I had one. Want me to burn you a copy?


100-word Project Runway recap: Episode 2

This week's episode turned things around a little bit. I'm already getting a feel for who I like and who is starting to get on my nerves and that's always a good sign. There was also a lot to talk about this week, so I went over a few words. Let's get started:

Challenge. Crazy -- Sarah Jessica Parker is the special guest! I've heard of her! She wants the designers to create something for her Steve & Barry line (it's called Bitten or Puncture or something). The designers cry hysterically at her presence. She's their Beatles.

Designers split into teams. Sweet P gets stuck with Crazy Hippie Chick. Ends up being a perfect match since the judges love their hood/dress combo. We also learn crazy hippie spits on all her fabric to enliven it. It's salivafied!

Judges. Victoria wins. Heidi gets meaner with the losers every season. Is Seal teaching her this? SJP looks awkward while Klum berates them. The Pocahontas look is apparently out, so it's good-bye for lil orphan Marion. Too bad -- seemed like a nice guy.

Next week: It's the hardest challenge ever as the designers must design a cocktail dress using a cocktail napkin in 15 minutes. Heidi takes a finger for each minute they run over.


Return of the 100-word Project Runway recap

Finally, a new Project Runway season. And the premiere episode was kind of a snooze. Shocker. Well, let's just dive right in:

Opening. Too many new designers to remember. Everyone has exotic, fake names. There’s chubby guy, crazy haircut and glasses kid, and hippie yoga chick. I have a feeling she's going down.

Challenge. Boring. Take beautiful fabrics and make a dress. Usual chaos, generic stress. Don't get kicked off! Oh wait, I don't care. Hippie chick's model trips over her dress. Ad tie-ins are ridiculous. Use accessories from the Sellout.com Wall of Doom!

Judges. Judges are dumb. Some shaved head dude wins. Hippie chick somehow avoids elimination. Simone is out. Bye, Simone - I won't even remember you by the season finale.

This season on Project Runway: Let me guess: "Celebrity" guests that no one cares about?! One of the designers gets a big head and becomes a big a-hole?! Meltdowns aplenty!? Hapless idiots who design crap week after week will make it to the final five?! Can't wait!


Weird Squirrel, Phase One

Found this in my sketches and gave it a whirl. Kinda odd lookin' squirrel. I have a more complete version that I might use as art for my music wrap stuff, so this is just the solo squirrel.


Kari in Chi-town

Kari is spending the week in (what appears to be rainy) Chicago, visiting Pam and J. It looks like she'll be mobile blogging at least some of the trip, so check it out. Like any dude left single for the week, I'm taking full advantage... by eating frozen pizza, watching Twin Peaks and getting a little bored. Ow ow!! Stay away from this party!


Party season

It's been a crazy couple of weeks around here. Busy at work and attending a number of social functions, even hosting. Here's a brief rundown:

Here's a photo from Sue and Doug's housewarming party recently. At this point, I'm still a little camera shy and don't always know the right moment to break out the camera. This is the best of the bunch (unless you like M&M chugging contests), but if you'd like to see the rest of the photos, check 'em out here...

Up next, Kari and I had the Chalet Harvest Party. As host of the party, it was even more difficult to remember the camera and snap photos, so this gallery is also kinda tiny. There are a few quality moments though, check them out here. Of course, this was a pretty well-documented party in other ways.

Finally, the CiN Weekly party, which I sorta talked about nonstop there for awhile. I (as well as others) took plenty o' photos (check out the 100+ photos in this gallery).

Disclaimer: I should note that if anyone stumbles across a photo of themselves that they'd rather not have the public stumble across, just e-mail me (via the Ronsonville Chamber of Commerce) and I'll yank it. We keep the peace here in Rville and don't want any trubs...


What are you gonna pick?

According to a recent poll, the woman in our breakroom burned up a gooey hot Ham N' Cheese Hot Pocket. It just barely beat out the Philly Steak and Magma, which is hard to do. Thanks for playing! Click here to relive the story. More polls to come...

Go to CiN Weekly's annual party!

If not, these guys will be out on the streets...

It starts tonight at 9 p.m. If you don't live in the Greater Cincinnati area, go here...


Not much to say...

...but this is pretty great. I'm sure things will pick up once Project Runway starts up again next Wednesday. Return of the 100-word recaps!


For Only One Night

Last night Kari and I hosted a Harvest Chalet Soirée – I believe it's a rite of fall or something. The cool twist is that the night (and part of the day) were blogged by a number of the attendees. I, unfortunately, could not contribute (frickin' Cincinnati Bell), but I did pop up in a few of the photos. Check out the results here!