Return of the 100-word Project Runway recap

Finally, a new Project Runway season. And the premiere episode was kind of a snooze. Shocker. Well, let's just dive right in:

Opening. Too many new designers to remember. Everyone has exotic, fake names. There’s chubby guy, crazy haircut and glasses kid, and hippie yoga chick. I have a feeling she's going down.

Challenge. Boring. Take beautiful fabrics and make a dress. Usual chaos, generic stress. Don't get kicked off! Oh wait, I don't care. Hippie chick's model trips over her dress. Ad tie-ins are ridiculous. Use accessories from the Sellout.com Wall of Doom!

Judges. Judges are dumb. Some shaved head dude wins. Hippie chick somehow avoids elimination. Simone is out. Bye, Simone - I won't even remember you by the season finale.

This season on Project Runway: Let me guess: "Celebrity" guests that no one cares about?! One of the designers gets a big head and becomes a big a-hole?! Meltdowns aplenty!? Hapless idiots who design crap week after week will make it to the final five?! Can't wait!


Katherine said...

Come on Ronson. Don't be such a sour puss. Project Runway is totally hot. But I do agree with you about the fake names. You should check out my project runway blog with Tristen and our two friends who moved to D.C. Maybe you can guest blog sometime!

Ronson said...

Don't mistake my tone -- I have a lot of love for PR. But I also enjoy poking fun at its flaws. So, sometimes it kinda sounds like I hate it...esp. when someone wins that I'm not crazy about (see the last two seasons).

The first ep is always tough - too many people, Heidi irks me in some way, but gotta love Tim Gunn.

I'll check out your blog -- I'd be honored to contribute at some point!

Ronson said...

Also, trimming my thoughts down to 100 words leaves me sounding a little....curt sometimes.

I get a real "Angela/Vincent" vibe from that hippie yoga chick...I have a bad feeling she'll be sticking around for awhile...

Gina said...

Maybe she'll put a fruit basket on her head and talk about how it "turns her on."

(Vincent, last season. Oh yeah.)