100-word Project Runway recap: Episode 2

This week's episode turned things around a little bit. I'm already getting a feel for who I like and who is starting to get on my nerves and that's always a good sign. There was also a lot to talk about this week, so I went over a few words. Let's get started:

Challenge. Crazy -- Sarah Jessica Parker is the special guest! I've heard of her! She wants the designers to create something for her Steve & Barry line (it's called Bitten or Puncture or something). The designers cry hysterically at her presence. She's their Beatles.

Designers split into teams. Sweet P gets stuck with Crazy Hippie Chick. Ends up being a perfect match since the judges love their hood/dress combo. We also learn crazy hippie spits on all her fabric to enliven it. It's salivafied!

Judges. Victoria wins. Heidi gets meaner with the losers every season. Is Seal teaching her this? SJP looks awkward while Klum berates them. The Pocahontas look is apparently out, so it's good-bye for lil orphan Marion. Too bad -- seemed like a nice guy.

Next week: It's the hardest challenge ever as the designers must design a cocktail dress using a cocktail napkin in 15 minutes. Heidi takes a finger for each minute they run over.


Gina said...

Excellent round-up, Ronson!

I thought SPJ's looks of awkwardness at the designers getting scolded like children was hilarious.

The most famous person on the show was actually the nicest. Way to feel important around SPJ, judges!

Ronson said...

Hey -- thanks, Gina!

Agreed -- I think the judges' cruelty is all part of the show.

Someone must've told them at some point (although Nina seems to keep it in check this season) that if they're mean, it's more entertaining. But I think it's unnecessary and ends up making them highly unlikeable.