The distant future...

I picked up the Flight of the Conchords EP for 5 bucks over at Shake It this weekend, which pushes me dangerously close to Mel status in terms of fandom. Especially since the first official CD of the Conchords comes out sometime in October. But what can I say, I had to have "Business Time" now dammit!


Sad bear

Why is this bear so sad? Is it because he's sort of out-of-proportion (like a lot of things that I draw straight into the computer)? Is it because of his anime eyes? Probably. Haven't been drawing much lately, so this is all I got for ya for now. And that IS kinda sad...


The results are in...

...and it appears that avoiding strangling people is the reigning good deed of the day (I could understand that). It grabbed a whopping 53 percent of the vote, followed by contributing to my debut, dumb poll (one of those votes was mine) sneaking into second with 23 percent.

With a total of 17 votes, I would say this was one of Ronsonville's most successful ventures. Ever.

Feel free to contribute to the next poll, taking place in mere moments.


Your Opinion Counts!

I'm starting weekly polls here at Ronsonville (thanks to the latest Blogger update and checking out Gina's page the other day. Vote on her poll too. Please!!).

Since I'm new at this, I started off with the first thing that came to my head (which is admittedly a little strange).

Say, for example, you spared the life of the above animal today, check the appropriate box. It's that easy! (Pretty saintly of you by the way). If you did, ahem, other things, they're also listed.

So, check it out. We'll see how this little experiment goes...

Cool art alert

Artist Chris Gliebe's show opens at Feralmade gallery starting today. From what I've seen, his work is pretty cool. For a look at his process, check out this video of the artist creating a wall-sized mural in the gallery space earlier in the week.


More Lolla 07

Is this man a hipster? Hints: check out the hat, the messenger bag, and the fact he is watching Lupe Fiasco rap over a Thom Yorke song. The answer is painfully obvious. And kinda sad.

I've finally uploaded my Lollapalooza 07 photos (the good ones anyway). You can check them out at my Flickr page. Also, check out Kari's recaps of the shows on Popography (you may have to scroll down a little). I agree with her -- the YYYs put one of the best performances...

My relationship with Tom Hanks hits a rocky period

Tom and I have always been close. I was there with him from the beginning, through Splash! and Bachelor Party. I'm in the handful of people who thinks The 'Burbs is a cult classic. So, last week, when my Hotmail inbox said I had a new e-mail message from Tom Hanks, I didn't think much of it. I figured we were just doing that "updating-each-other-on-our-lives" thing.

But no. After opening with a personal anecdote about watching 2001: A Space Odyssey, he began to try to sell me on a membership to AFI. What? Tom! How dare you! I watched The Man With One Red Shoe. Twice! And you know what? Damn his charisma, I almost got one too. Fortunately, I snapped out of it when I realized the enrollment gift was a book about Al Pacino.

At least he sent me this picture of himself. I didn't have the heart to tell him that I still haven't seen DaVinci Code.


Greetings From Lollapalooza

Hey everybody!

I'm in Chicago and after some of that delicious, Chicago-style traffic, Kari and I finally made it to the massive music/eco-awareness festival that is Lollapalooza. It's been a good time so far (I'll have plenty of photos and video to show when I get back home), but for now above are a couple of highlights from Friday: LCD Soundsystem and Daft Punk (in all their robotic glory).

More to come!