The results are in...

...and it appears that avoiding strangling people is the reigning good deed of the day (I could understand that). It grabbed a whopping 53 percent of the vote, followed by contributing to my debut, dumb poll (one of those votes was mine) sneaking into second with 23 percent.

With a total of 17 votes, I would say this was one of Ronsonville's most successful ventures. Ever.

Feel free to contribute to the next poll, taking place in mere moments.


keltzjm said...

Fridays? Ew. Call me an elitist if you wish, but there's one down the block from my office and I've never eaten the food there. Is the green bean fry thing made up?

Ronson said...

Nope, that hot new app was the main reason for this poll. I think the "food scientists" at Friday's are deep frying things, then instantly turning them into new menu items.