Kari in Chi-town

Kari is spending the week in (what appears to be rainy) Chicago, visiting Pam and J. It looks like she'll be mobile blogging at least some of the trip, so check it out. Like any dude left single for the week, I'm taking full advantage... by eating frozen pizza, watching Twin Peaks and getting a little bored. Ow ow!! Stay away from this party!


Kelly said...

Whoa, dude - if you order some Indian takeout and maybe do your laundry, yours will clearly be the party that don't stop. (But that's only because Milo Ventimiglia will show up with fries.)

Ronson said...

Yeah, Paris popped by uninvited too, Dean showed up later. Awkward!

Yep, this is a sign that I gotta shut off the TV.