What's the deal with Interpol?

So, one of my favorite bands from the early 00's, Interpol, has apparently disappeared off the face of the earth. They were originally slated to play SXSW in Austin (which I'm excited to say, I'll be attending this year), but when the preliminary list of bands was announced late last week? No Interpol. Almost as though they were never announced (fortunately other acts like Bloc Party, Lily Allen and The Good The Bad & The Queen are still scheduled to play).

I know these things are "subject to change," but it seemed a little odd that a band I was excited about seeing again disappeared from the list. Even more curious, going to the Interpol Web site gets you nothing but forum speculation (they might be playing SXSW, Coachella and might be releasing a new album soon which may or may not have a title, but absolutely none of this has been confirmed by the band).

Other Web sites offer no help. Capitol is supposedly the band's new label, but there's no mention on their site. Old label Matador has outdated news from 2005, and their myspace page is totally unhelpful and a little weird (go figure). Even doing a simple Google search gets us no closer to the Interpol mystery.

So what gives? Are they so focused on the new album that they've ducked away from all other media and performances until it's complete? Have they (gasp!) broken up? Don't worry, I'll get to the bottom of this. To be continued.


Gina said...

Does this mean Ronsonville had dug out from the snow?

Ronson said...

We're cautiously optimistic. St. Ronsonville's is currently open for classes. All the other schools remain closed...