100-word Project Runway recap: Episode 12: The Reunion

It's no secret that I kinda hate reunion episodes. Especially on Project Runway, a season with only a handful of episodes and not a whole lot of time for character development. What is there to comment on? Judging from this week's ep, not much. But here were the highlights:

Welcome to Project Runway! Where Carmen competes for a chance for her own fashion line! At least that's what Carmen seems to think, as waaaaay too much of the show focused on her drama. Wasn’t she was mercifully yanked in the third episode? How is that possible? People didn't miss her enough, that’s how. Kit and Jillian have to talk her down.

Also: Awkward jokes between Tim and Heidi, met with icy silence. And, oh the montages:

- Kevin battling his sexuality
- Ricky battling his tears
- Michael Kors laughing uncontrollably during the wrestler runway show (the highlight)
- A Christian "fierce" fest.

In (kind of) a shock, Christian wins the "fan favorite" over “designer favorite” Chris. Mychael Knight gives him the check and Chrystyan converts his i’s to y’s cuz that’s what fan favorites do. My guess is that Christian's personality (meaning he has one) is what put him over the top.

Just kidding, other designers! You know I love ya! Whatever your names are.

Next week: All right, it's really the finale this time, for real real real this time, we're gonna find out once and for all who gets that fashion line! Oh, wait. Nope. Just a battle between Rami and Chris, which seems pretty unnecessary, given most of the eliminated designers picked Rami to win the whole thing. Except Victorya who thinks Christian is "hands down the most talented designer." Then why was she copying off of Jillian so much?

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