100-word Project Runway RECAP Reunion Special

And now the latest from Project Runway! aka Ronson's reunion show rant...

I hate TV shows that try to hype their own mythology, like shamelessly plugging things as the "most talked about moment in the history of the show." That's why I really hate any type of reunion show.

By rehashing the "mom incident" to death and Keith's early boot from the show, this episode salted old wounds the only way reality TV can. The fifteen minutes of entertainment came from the cast's bizarre quirks (i.e., Milan's Peter Lorre-esque laugh), Vincent's laundry freakout and Bradley's possible "oh-my-God-I-look-like-the-Spindoctors'-lead-singer" moment, as he's now completely clean-shaven.

Otherwise, a bunch of awkward, chair-shifting moments and meaningless filler. Eh.

Next week: Tattoo Neck and Architect Woman lash out at each other in more inventive, ridiculous and immature ways. Uli designs the exact same dress sixteen times. And Michael wins. Please oh please let Michael win...

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