Big day at the Diamond Club

At the very last minute (about 2 hours before the game) our sales manager Jamie asked me if I wanted to join he and some customers (with an ad I designed) at the Reds game. The kicker was that the seats were for the "Diamond Club" and I just couldn't say no to that.

It was a lot of fun (even though the Reds blew a 2-run lead) and I even ended up on some of the highlight reels that night (though during the big moments, you don't really see me. During Griffey's home run, I'm letting Jamie back into his seat, and during the go-ahead run carnage, I was inside the club, cooling off.

Again, because of the short notice, I was armed only with my camera phone, so I tried to take what photos I could, but most of them turned out scary lookin'. Here they are anyway:

A view of my dessert while eating at the Diamond Club buffet. It appears to have one of those '80s video filters on it.
The view from my seat. Easily the best seat I'll have at a Major League Baseball game ever...
Me posing like a doofus before the game. My head looks like a smudge.

If you could see this at all, you'd understand very clearly that it's Griffey at bat. Note to self: don't use the zoom function on your camera phone.

By the 7th inning, I finally had gotten the hang of taking photos with the phone. Unfortunately the damage had already been done (the Angels had a 5-run 6th)...

So there you go! Experimenting with mobile blogging, so maybe all of this might be easier in the future...

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