Ronsonville's first album bombs at Pitchfork.com...

Don't worry folks, I'll get over this.


Dan said...

Ronson, it's okay. You can't get took worked up over the reviews over at pitchfork - they can be mean for the sake of being mean. they are pompous assholes - and they know it. don't take it personally, at all.

are you going to be playing your album in full, start-to-finish at the pitchfork festival this year?

Naomi said...

Dear Ronson,

I can't figure out what your e-mail address is (damn AOL!) so I'm leaving a comment that has nothing to do with your blog post. Dan and I want to know why you don't have a Myspace profile. LaMond has one, and he's on it all the time, but only for professional purposes and not while he's working, not ever.

Here's the link to my profile:


And to Dan's:

And to a pair of guinea pigs in California:

Yours in solidarity,

Ronson said...

Hey Naomi! Good to hear from you! You can get to my e-mail by clicking on the "Ronsonville Chamber of Commerce" on the side of my links bar on this blog. Oh, so clever.

I may be the last person on earth without a myspace page, but it's fun checking out your profiles!

I'll figure out how to send you an e-mail via your myspace, then we can catch up in more detail...

Naomi said...


Myspace is officially over, actually, now that I have a profile. I still like the music aspect.

I tried clicking on the Ronsonville Chamber of Commerce link, but I wasn't able to get past the AOL log-on screen, so I gave up. I'll figure out how to send you an e-mail via the Enquirer.

Ronson said...

I could also just as easily tell you my e-mail address (why didn't I think of that to begin with?)


Look forward to hearing from you!

...But I'm still steamed about this Pitchfork review...(thought I'd pretend to steer things back to the topic at hand. Pretty skillful, eh?)