Ronson Vs. The Sun

Once again I square off against a longtime enemy. This week it's Ronson vs. the Sun...

The background: I know that a lot of you might be rooting for the sun on this one. People are always talking about how the sun is so great and we need it to live and we could use it's energy to power cars or something, but let's get this straight: The sun is not that great. It's a giant fireball hanging in the sky ready to crush us at any second. One day, when we're not paying attention, the sun is just going to decide to collide into the earth really fast just for fun. Plus, those UV rays aren't doing us any favors. Totally overrated. Besides, I think it'd be kind of fun to live in perpetual darkness, ya know? Whatever. It's time to battle.

The battle: As a very pale person, I tend to be at extra risk if I'm out in the sun for any period of time, so I need to watch out. At the Red's game on Thursday I was lucky enough to have sunscreen (SPF 50 no less) provided to me by my good pals at the Diamond Club. I loaded up. Over the course of the game I covered my face, arms and neck twice to protect myself. That nasty, giant, ball of mostly hydrogen had other plans. I didn't have a mirror, so I was basically just slathering sunscreen wherever. I missed a spot, and that's when the sun took advantage.

The next day, I had an extra red spot just above my forehead. Very attractive. During a discussion about the incident it was agreed (and best put by Julie) that it looked like I'd been "punched in the face by the sun."

Winner: A draw. It could've been a lot worse. Also, the spot lasted about a day, before it basically disappeared. So, nice try, Sun! The winner of this match-up will no doubt be settled in a grudge match later this summer...

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Mike_R said...

The most important piece of equiptment for any sun-hater is a hat. A floppy hat with a wide brim. The kind of hat that repels the sun and cool people. Screw cool people and the sun. we'd be better off with out em.