Ronson Vs. Sunglasses

Once again, it's time for Ronson vs., where I face off against random things in the world in a battle to the death. This week, it's Ronson Vs. Sunglasses.

The background: About eight years ago, I switched over to contact lenses. This was pretty exciting for me, partly because it meant that instead of squinting or awkwardly shielding my eyes, I could start wearing sunglasses. If only I knew. Sunglasses are more of a hassle than I ever imagined. This year alone I've broken or lost 4 pairs of the frickin' things. I've grown to hate them.

The battle: Most recently, Pair #5 (07 Edition) took a different approach to create pain for me. These are my most durable pair yet (Kari has called them Terminator Glasses) and I bought them in Texas, where we all know things are just built tougher.

A couple of weeks ago, on a slightly overcast day, I decided to wear them because I couldn't figure out anywhere else to put them. It was just a quick walk from where I work to the parking lot, I greeted a few people with a nod, but seemed to get an occasional odd look. I was wearing my gym clothes, so I didn't think much of it until I made it to my car.

I looked into my rear view mirror and saw that one of the lenses had popped out at some point before I'd left work, and I'd been walking around in a weird one-lens-in/one-lens-out like some dumb prop comic. Either the lenses on these glasses were too huge or it wasn't sunny enough for me to have noticed. Embarrassed, I quickly to them off, hoping no one had seen, but the damage was done. I may have eventually found the lens, but it won't be easy to face those random strangers for some time.

Winner: Sunglasses. They've gotten the upper hand for now. Meanwhile, I'm looking to invest in tinted contacts...


Anonymous said...

Ronson vs. Hammerstrength.

The masses are clamoring for it.

warnickart.com said...

hey if it makes you feel any better i did the exact same thing. only i went through a white castle drive through. i had just bought a new cd and was playing it loudly in my car. loving life, my white castles and my new cd i decided to glance in the rearview to get a glimpse of this cool cat driving my car. oh, the horror when i realized one lense had been missing the whole time.

my last pair of sunglasses were blown out of my hands from the most ridiculous burst of wind downtown ever, where they were quickly run over by a corvette squashing any hopes of saving them.

the two of us need to start a club.

Ronson said...

Those are some great stories - mine are usually pretty boring, like "I sat on them" or "I left them at a restaurant." They must be stopped. We have to form a support group.

I think we all know who'd win in a bout between Ronson and Hammerstrength. If a new and exciting development happens between now and next week, maybe I'll take on HS. Right now it's just waaaay too one-sided.