Oh, you foolish smartass

I have this Morrissey live CD and after performing one of his classic Smiths songs he comments "the past is a very strange place." Maybe not the most original thought Moz has ever had, and he has far better reasons for saying it, but nonetheless, it's been pretty relevant to me lately. I've been thinking about the past a bit. I mean, just look at that guy in the above photo. No worries. Wearing some sort of horrid mid-90s bead thing. And oh, that hair.

I only bring this up because this week, I paid off the final 74 cent balance on my student loans. That's right, 74 cents. Apparently, the government doesn't have the same "wipe any balance less than a dollar" policy that most major credit cards have. So, the above photo is me briefly before my "Student Loan Adventure" began, roughly 11 years ago. Scary to think how much has changed in that time. Of course, after stumbling across this photo, it's clear that I'm still a smartass. Maybe just an older, wiser smartass.

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