Ronson blogs about Dreamgirls

Back to blogging. Saw Dreamgirls on New Year's Eve and liked it. A lot. Seriously! I did!

Despite the usual problems I have with musicals/movies based on musicals with people randomly breaking into song, I really liked this (ahem) creative retelling of the Supremes' story. Of course, you probably shouldn't take it as fact, unless you want Berry Gordy kicking your ass.

So now, here are five random factoids about Dreamgirls:

1. Beyonce was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actress for this movie. Jennifer Hudson, who had twice the songs and twice the lines, was nominated for Best Supporting Actress. It's almost like the themes of the movie are playing out in real life!

2. The story of the "real life" Effie White (Florence Ballard) was not nearly as exciting and hopeful. After being kicked out of the Supremes, she DID sink into poverty and she DID stage a comeback in the mid-70s, but sadly died before anything came of it at the age of 32.

3. The fake Jackson 5 song in the movie (Boy Meets Girl, Girl Meets Boy) is actually a pretty funny parody. Someone should sign that fake Jackson 5. The Dreamgirls theme song however? Not a fan.

4. I think this movie deserves to win at least one Oscar, based on the fact that this is the first movie Eddie Murphy's been in since 1988 that I actually liked.*

5. Speaking of Eddie Murphy, who's he supposed to be exactly? James Brown? Singing style, sure, but lifestyle, nooo. Marvin Gaye? A little closer, but not really. I guess he's the mystery piece of the puzzle that makes it technically a work of fiction. Well, that and the love child.

* OK, fine -- I liked Boomerang too, I just liked the sound of 1988.


Anonymous said...

I feel you, but you gotta tell people about the Urkel sighting, man!


Ronson said...

Maybe Urkel will get some new award. Like the Oscar for "Best Attempt At A Comeback"...eh I'll work on that...