Aaaaand I'm back.

Not much to report from the land of Ronsonville. Just got back from Iowa only to find that my car was ticketed by the City of Cincinnati. Apparently, they cleaned the streets on Dec. 21 and I was selfishly out of town and left my car parked there. Foolish me. Now they're asking me to pay them 40 bucks. Thanks for the love, Cincinnati.

But that's about it. More drama from that to come, I'm sure. Happy New Year from Ronsonville...


Kari said...

Clearly your street is highly patrolled (unnecessarily so). Don't those cops know a UDF is right around the corner, and their time would be better spent downing frosty ice cream treats?

Mark said...

Ronson, you were born to be hassled by The Man. Hey, it's the lifestyle you chose when you got that Devil's Haircut.

While you were back in Iowa I read that the amount of jaywalking in the state increased by 25%. You're bad Ronson, bad to the bone.