Latest ridiculous obsession


Rob introduced me to this -- it's as insane as it is addictive. So far I've drawn reasonable facsimiles of Krusty The Clown and the milk mascot from Blur's Coffee & TV video, plus a whole host of strange and unusual portraits and stick figure adventures. If you see a crudely scrawled "RS" next to the drawing, that might be one of mine! Not sure what's more exciting, coming up with my own drawings, or checking out what other people come up with.

Check it out, but be warned: It's addictive power can be strong. Especially if you are crazy doodling nutjob (like yours truly)...


ann said...

That was fun and addictive, wonder how many people are doing this? I didn't put my initials on anything, but you'll probably be able to tell where Ronson get's his talent!

Ronson said...

Mom! You win "Most Frequent Commenter" this month! My drawings were suffering near the end of my brief SketchSwap obsession. I don't think I even signed those. Too ashamed!