Music Update: The Latest Buys and Most Listens

Last five CDs bought:
1 Beastie Boys • Ill Communication ($3 at Amoeba Records in SF)
2 Nico • Chelsea Girl ($10, also at Amoeba. Got interested after reading about her and the Velvet Underground in Please Kill Me. Oh, that book. That's a whole 'nother post...)
3 Sebadoh • III (this is the reissue -- picked it up for 12 bucks at another SF music store. Worth it for the "Gimme Indie Rock" EP...)
4 KMD • Best of KMD (Doom when he was Zenlove X.)
5 Beck • The Information/The Decemberists • The Crane Wife (tie)

Heavy rotation (a little harder to quantify):
1 KMD • Best of KMD
2 Lupe Fiasco • Food & Liquor
3 TV on the Radio • Return to Cookie Mountain
4 Beck • The Information
5 The Beatles • Please Please Me (The first Beatles record -- I bought this a long time ago, but never listened to it. I know most of the songs anyway, so I guess it wasn't really a priority. P.S. I Love You is actually a pretty good song...)


"The Chiropractor" said...

I get my fitness on at your gym, playa. Now give me your fries.

Did I mention that you're mean!

I hate men!

Ronson said...

Sweet! I heard a rumor you were hanging out at gold's gym! Can you spot me sometime? I am not mean!