100-word Project Runway recap DOUBLE FINALE PART TWO

Just 100 more words and it'll all be over...

Back for more drama! Previously, scandal was afoot. Tattoo Neck labelled a liar, cheat, and just generally creepy. After much build-up, Tatt is cleared on all charges (except going over budget by $230. Wait. Isn't THAT cheating?). He cries like a little baby. Very un-punk.

Runway. The "creator of fashion week" is the special bonus judge. Sounds fishy. Debra Messing unavailable?

Judges. The judges aren't keen on Michael (boo!) or Architect Woman (eh). They're out. It's down to Uli and Tattoo Neck. Since "Pleatgate," these two haven't been able to keep their hands off each other. Kinda weird. Tattoo Neck wins! No one cares.

The message? If you're a cocky, rude, former drug addict with a big, ugly tattoos on your neck who shows no regards for the rules of the game and yells at people's moms, you can win a reality TV show! And you win a Saturn too, to which Tattoo Neck replies "This does not suck!" Wish we could say the same, Tatty.

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