My Life in Low Res, Part Three: Shows, shows, shows

More great memories, more bad cell phone photos:

Besnard Lakes/Peter Bjorn and John at Bogarts, 12/2/07
This would've been a pretty cool picture were it taken with an actual camera.

Let's just say this is when they played "Young Folks." Vaguely sure about that.

The Breeders at Shake It Records, 4/18/09
Loved this show. It's a shame I didn't get any better pics than these...

This is Kelley Deal, just fyi. Much better video from this event here. (via Lauren)

Pitchfork Festival at Union Park – Chicago, 7/17-19/09
This was literally my view of nearly every Pitchfork act. I think this is The Walkmen.

A couple of decent pictures from the MF Doom performance. You can see him!

I actually have better pics from the festival. I'll put 'em on Flickr.
For fancier pics, go here (for now).

Deerhunter/Dan Deacon/No Age at Southgate House, 8/4/09
Not much to this one. Just a couple of shots to illustrate how insanely crowded it was.
These were both taken during Dan Deacon's solo set.

And so concludes my trip down low res memory lane. Consider my cell phone emptied.

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