The 100-word Project Runway Recap: Episode 11

Wow. I think I was spoiled by writing only a couple of sentences about the last 10 episodes. Coming up with 100 words for this generally cringe-inducing episode seems daunting. Guess I'll give it a whirl:

Ach. The music challenge. The designers must dress each other up in a different embodiment of a randomly chosen musical style. As someone who enjoys music, it's sad to see it broken down to it's basic, dumb elements. Punk = safety pins! Country = rhinestones! Hip-hop = baggy pants, yo! Most out of her element is Kenley, who makes up new standards for hip-hop after coasting on retro style. In the process she disses Tim, and you know that doesn’t win fans.

Runway. Kenley gets slack for being clueless. Korto wins for punking up Suede (though he looks more goth to me). Speaking of the annoying, third-person-talkin' Suede, he finally gets launched for a blah outfit apparently representing rock and roll. He wins the prestigious Vincent Award, for staying around waaaay longer than he should have.

Next week: If you were going to watch one episode of Project Runway this season, this would be the one. The remaining contestants cry their eyes out! As we know, reality tears = quality TV. Who wouldn't be excited about that?


Kari said...

Kenley was quite upsetting to watch this week, especially when she dissed Leanne. ("She's not selling it," etc.) Yeah, Kenley, it's kinda hard selling what's basically the equivalent of an outfit from the back of the clearance rack at Deb.

Ronson said...

Agreed - Kenley seemed pretty sweet to me before (maybe that's because I hadn't really paid much attention) but lately she's been pret-ty lame. I'll be shocked if she wins the whole thing.

For me, it's currently a toss-up between Jerrell (who I think has a pretty good chance of winning) and Korto (though she might be kind of the underdog)...