The Final Frontier

It still makes me queasy to say this, but I might as well just come right out with it:

I've joined Facebook.

It's well documented that I've always been reluctant to join these social networking dealies, but here we are. I'm ready to join the party, even though I'm about 4 years late. My site is still pretty masterfully bland and I sloppily began adding friends today. Chances are I've forgotten many. If you're reading this, I probably want you as a "friend," so look me up, eh?

All right, back to figuring out how this thing works...


ann said...

okay, is this something a mother should be able to visit? If so, how do I begin?

Ronson said...

Hey mom! Yeah, you start with www.facebook.com, though I'm still not sure if you can see any profile you want. It's all right so far, I'm sure in awhile I'll be back here catching up on Project Runway and a few cardio cinema reviews!