100-word Project Runway recap: Episode 14: FINALE PART TWO

100 more words and we're done. Try not to quiver and tear up Christian-style:

Fashion week approaches. Models are auditioned, creepy hairless men talk about hair and makeup. Surprisingly low-drama and low-cattiness on this episode. Way to keep it in check, designers! Tim is overwhelmed by this gets them all into a big group hug and kisses 'em all, like the proud dad at the beginning of Father Knows Best.

Final runway. Victoria "Posh" Beckham is the guest judge. Anyone smell a fix? Everyone does well without any real jaw-droppingly bad mistakes. Kinda annoying from a snarky recapper perspective.

Judges. Still seems even - only real criticisms come from Christian's collection (except Posh who love love loves it!). In the last poor judgment of the season, Project Runway kicks Jillian off first (all things even, Rami shoulda got the boot), narrowing down to Rami v. Christian for about half a second. Christian is barely keeping together when it is finally announced that he is the winner! Poor lil guy is on the verge of tears, then kinda pretends like he knew he was gonna win all along. That's our Christian!

The end. Christian gets his very own Saturn and let's hope he grabs onto that Bluefly.com opportunity - sounds like a real career-booster. Christian proudly announces that he's the youngest Project Runway winner ever which would be more impressive if there were more than 3 other people to compete with for that title. Nonetheless, I like him way more than Tattoo Neck – so cheers, Christian! Keep that hair crazy!

Thanks for sticking with me this season, it's been fun - we now return to your usual dose of random music posts, even more random illustrations and occasional photo galleries...

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Gina said...

Great season of recaps, Ronson. You're fierce.