Blogs as Lit (aka Ronsonville snubbed again...)

According to the NY Times' "City Room" blog, a new book entitled "Ultimate Blogs: Masterworks from the Wild Web" will be publishing works from 27 different blogs that feature more essay-like entries and mostly NYC-based (well, nine of 'em anyway).

Friends and readers, Ronsonville has been excluded from this list.

I know!

And here I thought Ronsonville was an oasis in this wild web. For a complete list of those who made the cut, click here. I'm gonna come right out and say it, sounds like a snoozefest. Am I just saying this because I was omitted from the book? Maybe. Am I the 1,000th blogger to go on this rant? ....Probably.

Here's an excerpt from "Ultimate Blogs" editor Sarah Boxer's essay in the NYT Book Review regarding the difficulty of selecting work to go into the big blog book:

Many bloggers really don’t write much at all. They are more like impresarios, curators, or editors, picking and choosing things they find on line, occasionally slapping on a funny headline or adding a snarky (read: snotty and catty) comment. Some days, the only original writing you see on a blog is the equivalent of “Read this…. Take a look…. But, seriously, this is lame…. Can you believe this?”

Well, I can tell you that here at Ronsonville, we provide only the highest literary content. Look no further than these posts if you need proof.

Don't worry - I'm handling it well. I'll just sit here with a tear in my eye, and patiently await my inclusion in a future volume...in the meantime, you can expect big posts here in 08. I will be going on plenty of journeys and discovering a ton of new things about myself. And I'll feel compelled to blog about every single one of them.


Kelly said...

It's an outrage, I tells ya!

P.S. I like how Boxer (or one of her editors) felt she had to define "snarky."

Gina said...

I too am OUTRAGED!

Ronson said...

We have every right to be outraged, friends. The idea that almost half of the best blogs in the world come from one city seems a little...biased. Esp. from someone who's a former NYT reporter...

ann said...

I didn't even bother reading thier blog lists, I know where the best blog is..............at least in my top five, ha!

Paul said...

Consider me among the outraged as well!

And let this sound be representative of my outrage: