100-word Project Runway recap: Episode 11

One more episode before the finals. Sorry, this one hit 150 words. What can I say? A lot happened. Here it is:

Opening. Competition is getting intense, but Chris isn't worried (because he's already been eliminated once?)

Challenge. Design an outfit based on a piece of art. Rami gets angry and pretentious because his outfit is boring. Christian and Jillian bicker. Foreshadowing? Even Sweet P's model has turned against her (she doesn't show up). Creepy, pointless visit from Collier Strong. Chris finishes early and naps. Everyone predicts everyone else's downfall.

Judges. Crazy guest judge who speaks English but still requires subtitles heaps praise on the contestants. Christian wins the challenge. Spot #1. Jillian locks Spot #2. Chris vs. Rami for Spot #3. Reminiscent of last year, both win, only they have to compete for their spot at fashion week. So, it was just an elaborate way to eliminate Sweet P. Sorry, P – think of it this way: to survive that long and never win a challenge is quite a feat!

Next week: This finale will be insane. Twists aplenty. I think there's a boxing round this year. Rami vows to fashion everyone on the planet with his "art" and starts by attacking Michael Kors with some drape-y fabric. Chris' designs are a hit, but once outfitted, none of his models can fit through a door. He is disqualified. Heidi flips a coin. Heads Jillian, Tails Christian - however she leaves the room to start filming season five before the coin hits the ground. Nonetheless, all four finalists must do Saturn commercials for life. Where's your inspirational spot? Better start hiding there.

Oh wait sorry, it's the reunion episode. That means everyone comes back to do their schtick one more time.

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