100-word Project Runway recap: Episode 13: FINALE PART ONE

All right, only 200 words left. Get excited:

Opening. Drawn-out recap. The designers get crunk with Tim and Heidi.

3.5 months later. Tim checks on the finalists. First, Christian designs in his tiny, tiny apartment. He shows Tim some feathery pants that scare him. Next, Jillian, who sports the world's largest turtleneck. Tim likes her stuff but thinks it might be a wee bit drab. Then we see Rami, who's on this whole Joan of Arc thing. He has friends who don't talk. Last, it's Chris and his human hair collection. Yep, he's designing with human hair. Interesting choice.

5 days until fashion week. Chris and Rami have to room together and share a worktable. Ouch. Ouch. Christian and Jillian just kinda hang out.

Judges, part one. Rami earns the spot at fashion week because the designers can’t get past the fact that Chris, again, designed with human hair. (The texters disagreed and woulda sent Chris to fashion week 58% to 42%. Little random factoid for ya).

Next week: One more challenge before Bryant Park: Each designer must rescue their models who are trapped in cages, hanging precariously over shark-infested waters. Then they must design one more outfit that matches their vision using only milk and buttons. Finally they must embroider Saturn logos on each design, but refrain from getting to costume-y. And at last a winner! They'll join the ranks of Tattoo Neck and Chloe as the next great American designer. Speaking of which, anyone know what happened to those guys?


Paul said...

I could tell it was the beginning of the end for Chris after TIm's "Monkey House" comment.

Human hair = bad idea.

cookwhite said...

Chloe and Tattoo Neck are too busy promoting new Saturns to do any design work.

Ronson said...

Yeah, for me it wasn't IF Chris was going to screw up it was "how?" And I must admit, I did not expect the human hair thing.

And seriously - if you were a fashion designer, would you really want to win a Saturn? I can't imagine it being any contestant's dream car...