100-word Project Runway recap: Episode 7

Welcome back to Ronsonville, or Project Runway Central as it is now appears to be known. Heads up, here it comes:

Opening. Rami thinks he’ll win it all. Victorya misses Elisa's craziness.

Challenge. Design a prom dress for some Jersey girls. Models = out in the cold again. Christian bitches about his poor victim - er, model. Actually, his Super Sweet 16 wannabe takes him down a notch, which is delicious. Oh and Ricky cries (as usual).

Judges. In a crazy upside-down backward runway, Victy and Sweet P end up on top, Christian and Kevin are the losers. Victy wins because the world would implode if Sweet P won. Christian cringes awaiting his fate, but it's Kevin who offed. See ya Kevin, thanks for making a Heidi Klum joke to remind us one last time that you're straight.

Next week: Rami and Sweet P: Together at last! These two will certainly make beautiful fashion together. Or someone will end up crying. Whichevs. Also: Victorya blathers on about immunity as if she's become God or something. Oh wait, that was this episode. Sorry 'bout that.

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Gina said...

I'm shocked you didn't mention the best part of this week's episode: Rami without his shirt on - twice!

Next challenge: Design an outfit for Rami, pants only. He MUST show off that physique more. The fans of PR demand it!

Also... Christian looking exactly the same in his prom photo as he does now. Because prom for him was what, last year?