100-word Project Runway recap: Episode 6

And just like that we're back to Project Runway recaps. Seems like two weeks just flew by. I'm not feeling too wordy today so this should be easy:

Opening. Kevin is soooo alone (and straight).

Challenge. After meeting the world's most wooden-speaking Hershey's rep in Times Square, the designers have five minutes to grab a bunch of Hershey's crap and make an outfit by the end of the day. Everyone does pretty well with three obvious exceptions (Elisa, Sweet P, Victorya). Oh, and we learn than Elisa has had a serious head injury. Yowsa.

Judges. Rami wins. Early contender for the Top 3? Jillian snags second place for a Twizzler dress that almost falls apart. In the world's most obvious elimination ever, Elisa gets the boot (but Sweet P better step it up). Bye, Elisa – we’ll miss your crazy babbling.

Next week: Shocking secrets pour out of the rest of the designers: Chris once had to off a drag queen, Jillian went to clown college (actually not that shocking), Kevin is not straight and Rami is actually three people. It's just nonstop surprises this season!


Dan said...

You crazy.

On a completely different topic, have you seen this rumor?


Gina said...

Ok, apparently I didn't see the dress for the fabric. Or something like that.

Because I totally thought it was going to be Mean P that got the boot. When Elisa got the axe I was shocked. Like mouth dropped open shock. Her dressed sucked, but Mean P's dress? Come on.

It should've have been Mean P.

PS And Elisa was only in a coma for four days. She made sound like it was seven years with all the "I'm reclaiming all that time I lost by being on Project Runway" babbling. Umm.... who hasn't been in a coma for four days or so?

Ronson said...

Mean P -- hilarious.

Sweet P is definitely doomed, but she's got a couple of eps still probably. They need her for the promos (she's the most overly expressive designer since Andre)...

But, yeah, both dresses pretty much sucked, I think Elisa just has the worst track record.

re: Off Topic - That's kinda crazy that Jay-Z would be so heavily involved with something Apple-related, considering he pulled American Gangster off iTunes...