Catching up

OK, it was a week of recovery, but now I'm back. I was sick, I got better, I finally dragged my car out of the shop and had a busy week at work, but now it's back to business.

First up, Kari's and Julie's last days at CiN were this week and we threw a little happy hour. Here are a couple of highlights. To see the full set, go here. There are roughly 50 photos there, which makes it the most well-documented couple of hours I've been a part of in recent history.

Next up, a smaller set of pics from the Washington Park Music Fest. Below is one of Gina's Kustom Koozies, which got a huge amount of photo love at the event.
Speaking of Gina, check out her mobile blog of the voyage to Western Bowl to see what I've been up to more recently. All for now, hoping to get a video or two up here soon...

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Dan said...

great photos!