Hot list

Some random stuff that's kept me entertained this month...

Iron & Wine • Shepherd's Dog
Latest I&W CD is a little more upbeat than his previous efforts. Voice not as breathy as usual, which is a huge plus to me.

Deadwood, Season 2
I promise that this is the last HBO show I'm going to be obsessed with. No, really. Amazing cast, great setting, smart plots. Who doesn't love a little annexation drama in the ollllld west...

Subaru Impreza
My rental car for the past couple of days, even though in the "budget" range, still blows the paint of my poor, old Suzuki Esteem (which is in the shop (sigh) yet again).

TiVoing Ken Burns' 'The War'
I'm sure I'll have seven free hours in the near future.

WPMF 2007
A day show during Midpoint featuring some of the festival's best performers (and a couple great bands that aren't even playing MP).

Filling cavities

Getting my second tooth filled today. I'm an old pro now!


Anonymous said...

If you have yet to watch The Wire, you have another 4 seasons of sweet HBO TV to continue watching.


Ronson said...

Yeah, I keep hearing about the Wire, I'm really tempted to get into, but so far I've stayed away...it'll probably be my #1 show of 2008...