Emmy shock

Well, one Emmy shock. I'll spare my usual rant on the Emmys to let you know one thing: Amidst the predictable award-dispensing (The Sorpranos, America "Ugly Betty" Ferrera, James Spader - btw, I like James Spader, but I didn't even realize Boston Legal was still on the air), 30 Rock came out of nowhere to when Best Comedy Series. And I actually agreed. Our "Office Watching Party" definitely became an "Office/30 Rock Party" by mid-season, and of TV I watched this year, it was the most consistent, funniest show. So, cheers to them. In her acceptance speech, Tina Fey thanked the "dozens and dozens of viewers" and I was actually a little excited to count myself in that group.

The rest of the Emmys were pretty blah. The parts I watched anyway. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert handing Best Comedy Actor to Steve Carell was pretty funny though.

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