Aw man, I suck

Seeing this blog inspired me, but also clued me into how many hours of my life I'd have to draw to reach this level. This is from a Character Design blog (cool idea) that Rob told me about...

Click on the above image to get a closer look at a page from the sketchbook of comic book artist Francisco Herrera.

As a result of all this, I went back to sketching this weekend and came up with my usual batch of odd characters, with even stranger characters off in the borders criticizing them. I guess drawing in a Disneyesque style has never really my thing, but I still get jealous of people who can pull it off. It always seems so complete to me.

Definitely worth checking out the site if you've got any interest in comic art... I find myself drawn to the more "arty" (as opposed to say, "cartoony" I guess) -- folks like Todd Kauffman, Jeffrey Thompson and Ryan Wood, but I'm also a fan of Dreamworks artist Elaine Bogan, Pixar guy Nate Wragg and Ben Balistreri.


Gina said...

Whatever. Your characters and drawings are just as cool as these people's. Some of your drawings even have ponytails. How's that!

Ronson said...

That's true! Those ponytails are pretty masterful too. Thanks for the pep talk! :)