Ronson Vs. Wasps

Welcome to a new feature on Ronsonville called Ronson Vs. You'll learn about all the fun things I battle in my life, and maybe, just maybe, you'll learn a little something about yourself. This week it's Ronson Vs. Wasps.

Spring came early to Ronsonville and you know what spring means! Fun times dealing with small animals and insects. For me, it meant dealing with the giant wasps that had infiltrated my front door and deck. Last year, there was a giant wasp's nest in front of the door to my deck. I destroyed it last winter, but guess what? A new one popped up.

The Battle: Since I didn't have any Raid, I started things off by spraying my front door with Deep Woods Off. Strangely, it actually kind of worked (a little).

The new nest was scarier. It literally hung right in front of the door of my deck. Opening the door would certainly guarantee 2-3 wasps flying in and stinging everything in sight. However, things started swinging toward my favor. The one good thing about an April 40-degree temperature drop is that it neutralizes wasps.

Armed with some heavy duty "wasp-killin'" Raid and a Swiffer broom, I was ready to go. I kicked open the door and knocked down the nest, only to find one live wasp (the queen?) still attached (how it was still alive, I'll leave to science). I pounded at the wasp with the Swiffer broom and haphazardly sprayed the heavy duty Raid (at nothing in particular) until I was satisfied, then slammed the door to avoid those toxic Raid fumes.

Winner: Ronson. Although I might not be able to hang out on the deck for another week or two due to the intense smell of WaspRaid, I'm pretty confident no wasp will be back to mess with me anytime soon.


Kari said...

Well, I for one definitely learned something about myself by reading this.

But you left out a key fact: you've never been stung by a bee or a wasp. (I still can't really believe this is true, but it adds some drama to the tale.)

Gina said...

Thank god you had that Swiffer broom. Things could have gotten ugly.

Were you wearing a bee suit? Because in my mind you were wearing a bee suit.

Ronson said...

It's true, I've never been stung. Considering my attack method, that's a little surprising.

And alas, no, I don't have a bee suit. It might be a good investment if these wasps show up again. That and some smoke bombs...