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Just a few things of recent note that might be of interest to one and all:

With great velocity
I usually still get excited to see my name in print or on the web (especially if I haven't typed it myself), so I was very excited to see my SXSW in this week's Velocity's online issue. Check out the story here. There were some edits that I didn't know about (for example, the phrase "skinny jeans" has never come out of my mouth) but I was pretty excited that, for my first major effort, it pretty much stayed in tact. It also includes the awesome photo above that I took. What? It was dark!

Anyone who lives in Cincinnati knows that Opening Day is a crazy ordeal that you just can't avoid (especially if you live downtown). Well, superblogger Gina got to go to the game this year and did a live blog from the game. I was impressed by her dedication to the project (it covers everything from the parade to some post-game rooftop grilling). Check it out!

For those Jarvis Cocker/Pulp fans out there who read this blog (I know there are a couple), the Jarvis solo CD came out in the US today. I just listened to a pretty dramatic song called "Disney Time" and the disc as a whole is pretty decent so far. Just a tip, the CD version merges the last couple of songs (Quantam Theory and Running the World) into one long, annoyingish 35-minute block, however if you grab it at the iTunes store, they've separated the tracks. Just an FYI if you're a digital fiend who likes to save room on your iPod. Gotta love it...


Kelly said...

Now I'm trying to imagine a situation where an editor might feel the need to add the phrase "skinny jeans." I've come up with two possibilities:

1) You described someone's outfit as featuring "denim pants that contoured with the leg, rather than hanging straight or flaring out."

2) You made a vague reference to things that were scarily trendy last fall, and they felt an example was in order.

Ronson said...

Yeah, they also included something about locusts, which again isn't an analogy I'd make (fortunately the mention me in 3rd person in the second paragraph, which makes it seem like someone else wrote it).

I guess maybe they were just trying to "punch it up." As I mentioned before, it coulda been a lot worse, once I determined that was the main change, I was doin' cartwheels...

ann said...

You did a fantastic job Ronson, may of found a new niche for yourself! Hope you were able to snag a copy or two??