Interpol: Alive and apparently touring Canada

There are finally two signs of life, regarding mystery band Interpol, whom I thought had vanished off the face of the earth.

1. Capitol finally acknowledges their existence on their label. (Although the band currently has no news, no tour, no albums and no photos).

2. Ticketmaster has tickets available for a tour of Canada (with one date in Vegas. Huh?) starting in mid-April. Something tells me some form of Interpol better show up at these dates, or there will really be something to talk about. They've also confirmed their Coachella date and have turned up on the Virgin Festival in Toronto on September 8th.

So I guess they're all right. It's a little odd that they've been content to leave things to message board gossip. Maybe that's how they want it right now, which is fine, but let's see that new disc real soon, OK guys?


Anonymous said...


New album, June 8th. There you go.

Ronson said...

Wow! Thanks, Anonymous Commenter!

Kari said...

Wow, what a nice anonymous commenter! Usually they just stop at blogs to post something mean, but this was so informative!