Popography, Version 2.0

Little Popography is all grown up. We're now recognized as a Cincinnati.Com blog now! Well...sorta. We have been added to the CiN Weekly web site as a regular feature which is a pretty big step. Soon, they'll be be adding the bios of the Popographers, so be on the lookout for that. This also means the site will be updated on a pretty regular basis. Last I checked, there were only a couple of small gaps between posts. Not bad!

Anyway, for my latest contribution, check out my thrilling post about the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who I will be watching on this Saturday along with Gnarls Barkley (above -- how many of these press photos did they do?), which I'm pretty excited about. I only hope that there won't be too many jeers and wtf? comments as I try to watch DangerMouse and Cee-Lo's 45-minute set. Being the opening act for an arena rock band has gotta suck.

Otherwise, check out Popography regular, which I'm pretty sure will be the next Google. Ow!

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