Golden Globes: Now More Boring

The Golden Globes happened last night. What? You forgot? Yeah, so did I. What's startling about this year's awards (other than the unusual amount of love for Ugly Betty) is how totally predictable they were (that is from checking the list of who won). Looks like I didn't miss much. There were no upsets and no crazyass memorable speeches that the Globs stake their reputation on. Congrats to deserving winners Jennifer Hudson and Eddie Murphy, and I'm sure Forrest Whitaker and Helen Mirren are amazing, but this is exactly what people said would happen when the awards were announced. If this is any indication of this year's award season, zzzzzz.

The shockers came in the TV awards, but they weren't good shocks. Alec Baldwin winning over Steve Carell? I love 30 Rock, but it's an ensemble cast and only has only been on the air for about six weeks. Carell boosts The Office to new levels and is much more deserving of the award. I have a feeling Baldwin is getting the "we-honor-you-for-being-a-movie-star- lowering-yourself-to-TV" award. Speaking of 30 Rock, how do you not even nominate Tina Fey? OK, I'm done.

So, as they say, "Anything can happen at the Golden Globes!" Even exactly what you think will happen.

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