Ugh, I need a recommendation...

Pictured above are the last three books I've read. In the early months of summer, while relaxing in Myrtle Beach, I read about the life of Johnny Cash. In the middle of summer I read about Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., Black Flag and a slew of other American indie bands from the '80s. And on the plane trips to and from San Francisco I checked out the sometimes interesting, sometimes morbidly depressing lives of those in American proto-punk.

That's a lotta nonfiction music history. And I'm worn out. So I'm looking to you for some help. Any ideas you can throw out there, I'm receptive. The less to do with music, the better! The only conversation starters I have right now have to do with semi-talented junkie musicians from the 70s. It doesn't come up that often.

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Kelly said...

The book I'm currently reading is The Omnivore's Dilemma, by Michael Pollan. It's a nonfiction book about (basically) where the things we eat come from.

I just finished the first third of the book, in which he tries to track corn from a field in Iowa to its final resting place - a McDonald's meal. Now, he's investigating whether the food at Whole Foods lives up to its story ("These cows were humanely raised," etc.)

Here's an article in the NYTimes he wrote about the E. coli scare.

After I finish Pollan, I'll be reading The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game by Michael Lewis.

If you're sick of fiction, you could always start on the Harry Potter books. Join us, Ronson! Join our Harry Potter fandom!