Toughest critic? Some duck.

When I find myself sketching, trying (in a very unfocused way) to come up with the next Icon of Popular Culture, I often hit a lengthy stretch of writer's block. I enter into patterns and draw the same safe, boring character over and over again.

Since I'm really the only person who looks at my work, it's up to me to criticize it. And, usually, it ain't pretty. Above is an example of one of the more polite ways I grade my work. I'll draw an animal (often a duck) and have it make fun of what I've just drawn. I'm sure there's a deeply psychological explanation for all of this, but mostly, I just like drawing ducks.


Kelly said...

I think you should draw more real people.

That Starbucks guy, for example - he's always been OK to me, but if he ever turns on me, I feel like I have some ammunition: "Oh, now I recognize you! You're the evil Starbucks guy! I read about you on the Internet."

Ronson said...

It's only fun to draw real people when I'm annoyed with them. It's only then that I'm not afraid to draw them in an unflattering way.

Your mission if you choose to accept it? Find more people to annoy me.