Technology scares me

Well, not all technology, but any advance in technology that kind of makes us look like futuristic freaks. Case in point, above is a drawing of somebody wearing one of those "attached to your head" cell phones (I was inspired when I saw someone in a meeting wearing one. And, yeah, this is an old sketch. Maybe this fad has passed by now. That's not gonna stop the following rant though...).

I mean one day, when we're all part machine anyway, this will be fine. Right now? It's a bit creepy. Are there really people who are on their cell phone enough that can justify having one attached to their head? And how does someone casually walk down the street and buy groceries with a hunk of plastic stuck to their ear? These are the questions the above doodle raises, then promptly dismisses.

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Gina said...

To me, they look like cows that have been tagged. You know, like before they're slaughtered or whatever.

So whenever I see someone with their cell phone attached to their head at Bigg's or where ever, I think about cows out in a pasture with tags on their ears.