Welcome back, WOXY.com!

Fortunately for us all, the coolest online radio station is back, for a second time. When they sounded off with Kick Out The Jams, I had a sense that they might be back again soon (after all, though MC5 is great, that wasn't the most sentimental of choices for "last song ever...").

Oddly enough, I first found out about this through Kari via that other blog we do, which is a little weird. Ah, these modern times...

They opened with a song called Caheunga Shuffle by The Oohlas. Not quite sure the signifcance of that. For those looking for more symbolically titled ditties, they followed that up with songs from Babyshambles (Back From The Dead) and Yo La Tengo (The Race Is On Again).

Anyway, the latest WOXY rescue is apparently thanks to a web site called Lala.com. And there's some crazy new ideas coming from the site too. Here's just one according to the news story at Pitchfork.com:

“...listener-generated playlists, or what WOXY and La La have deemed "Citizen Radio". Beginning in a matter of weeks, WOXY fans will be able to program their very own set of favorite tunes over at lala.com, drawn from the extensive and always growing WOXY digital catalog. Quite a few test playlists are already up and running at La La's website.”

See? Crazy. And exciting! It'll be interesting to see how this plays out. Anyway, let me be the 7,000th person to say welcome back!

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