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Not much going on in Ronsonville as I've just finished up a massive 192-page bonanza of our lil magazine this week. It's been a crazy couple of weeks, but since I finally have a break, I thought I'd update you all on a couple of movies I've seen recently:

Nashville (directed by Robert Altman, 1975)
This is the classic Robert Altman film. A bunch of characters and cross narratives and then a big crazy ending. He copied this formula in Short Cuts (which I think I still prefer) and Gosford Park and A Prarie Home Companion and pretty much every movie he's made since. (Except maybe Popeye). Anyway, it's an excellent flick with a looooot of country music and stars Lily Tomlin, Henry Gibson, Ned Beatty and a bunch of people who look like they might be younger versions of famous people, but actually are not.

Marie Antoinette (directed by V.S. Van Dyke, 1938)
Yeah, I was on a tangent with this one. I decided I'd give it a try because the new Coppola/Dunst version was coming out and since I know that film is anachronism-loaded, I thought Id' watch the original to see how things really played out. Bad idea. The problem with watching really old, mediocre movies is that you're constantly thinking about it. You can't get lost in the story, so you just sit there thinking "Wow, this is so old. How sad. All these people are probably dead." It was also two and a half hours, which is an ungodly length even in these modern times. I made it through about 45 minutes before I started fast-forwarding...

In Her Shoes (directed by Curtis Hanson)
That's right, folks. After making 8 Mile (aka the Eminem movie), Curtis Hanson followed it up by directing this little pile of fluff. Cameron Diaz! In an old folks home! Kari made me watch this, and so, as revenge, I'm gonna make her watch The Deer Hunter I think...

So there you go! In my spare time, I 've been watching weird, old movies. What's up with you?

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