The final 10 CDs

I'm looking for ways to save money. And I always complain about how I'm spending so much on my music, so it only makes sense to give it up. Not all of it of course! Let's not get crazy....

Just older stuff. 90 percent of my music purchases involve buying stuff that was released years ago. I've been doing this for about 10 years now. So yeah, it needs to stop...

Combining my interest in the dramatic and my love of the number 10, I decided that I would buy 10 more CDs and then quit. I'm down to two. If you're really bored and into buying music, you might want to try this exercise yourself.

You'll need:
• A pen (crayons are acceptable)
• Some paper
• A writing surface (I prefer the classic "table")
• An expansive and annoyingly snobbish knowledge of popular music
• Some bizarre priorities
• Roughly one-hundred American dollars

This is what I came up with:

1 Talking Heads • '77 (This will likely be the last CD I get. I love early Talking Heads, but this (their debut) has never been a priority. So, at last, it is)

2 GZA/Genius • Liquid Swords (1995)
(This is the other one I haven't gotten yet. Supposedly -- according to critics and fans -- this is the best solo Wu-Tang effort. I've heard some of it and I'm starting to believe the hype...)

3 Patsy Cline • The Definitive Collection (1956-63)

4 Loretta Lynn • The Definitive Collection (1964-78)
5 Hank Williams • Gold (1947-52)
(these three collections were an attempt to round out my sort of pathetic Country collection. I'm not huge on Country, but Loretta, Hank and Patsy were definitely crossover successes. Hearing these CDs, I was stunned to realize how much people have swiped from them over the last forty/fifty-something years...)

6 De La Soul • 3 Feet High and Rising (1989)
(Noticably, most of these CDs sort of pop up in the "landmark debut" pile. De La have tried and gotten close, but nothing beats their 1989...um...landmark debut)

7 Talking Heads • Remain In Light (1983)
(Yeah, didn't have much Talking Heads.)

8 Marvin Gaye • Let's Get It On (1973)
(How I didn't have this CD in my collection until now in unforgivable, I tell ya)

9 Bob Dylan • Nashville Skyline (1969)
(Bob sings in a crazy voice, duets with Johnny Cash and comes up with Lay Lady Lay, which has gotta be one of his best songs)

10 Getz/Gilberto • w/ Jobim (1964)
(this disc is probably better known "that 'Girl From Ipanema' record" but it's great stuff. That neo-lounge stuff from the mid-90s can only attempt to be this interesting...)


Gina said...

So wait... you're not going to buy anymore music except for these last ten?

Is that what you're saying?

Because that's crazyiness, Ronson. Craziness.

Ronson said...

Agreed. That would be the act of a psychopath.

After I get the last 2 CDs on that list, I'm limiting myself to only buying new releases (well, trying to anyway).

Yeah. We'll see how that works out for me...

Gina said...

Ahhh. Got it.


Kelly said...

I don't believe you have the strength of will to never buy any more old albums.

What if you find Savage Garden's debut used for $1.99? Am I to believe you will be able to resist the group's effervescent Aussie charm?

No: I say you will be sucked in, pulled under a wave of chicka-cherry cola, and you will be powerless to resist. They're gonna crash into your world, and that's no lie!

Kelly said...

P.S. If you would post something new, I wouldn't have to go off on a rant about a mid-'90s pop group.

Ronson said...

The more Savage Garden references on my site, the better! I should take a break more often...