Early Birds Take Note - Sat., May 27!

Say what you want about our alternative station 97.3 WAQZ (a lot of people -- including myself -- have much love for WOXY which sadly left the airwaves a couple of years ago), but they are definitely making an effort to win Cincinnati alternative music fans over.

Take Memorial Day weekend for example. Apparently they're letting listeners program the station this weekend (I found this out while stumbling onto their web site). I came up with a somewhat bizarre (for radio, anyway) playlist and was pleasantly surprised to get this e-mail this afternoon:

Ronson- Congrats! 97-3 Everything Alternative has selected your playlist to be aired on Saturday, May 27th from 8am till 9am. We did our best to play every song you requested...of course we couldn't get to all of them. Enjoy!

Here's my playlist (I can already imagine what they might play (Foo Fighters) and what they won't (ODB)), and if you can drag yourself out of bed on Saturday morning, check it out!

1 Tom Vek • C-C (You Set The Fire In Me)
2 Gnarls Barkley • Crazy
3 Radiohead • Paranoid Android
4 Ol' Dirty Bastard • Shimmy Shimmy Ya
5 The Beastie Boys • Pass The Mic
6 The Pixies • Wave of Mutilation
7 Heartless Bastards • The Will Song
8 Queens of The Stone Age • In My Head
9 Foo Fighters • I'll Stick Around
10 Sleater-Kinney • Entertain
11 The Cure • Catch
12 Belle & Sebastian • The Blues Are Still Blue
13 Death Cab For Cutie • Crooked Teeth
14 Fiona Apple • Tymps (The Sick In The Head Song)
15 The Smiths • The Headmaster Ritual
16 The Shins • Turn A Square
17 The Raconteurs • Steady As She Goes
18 Liz Phair • Never Said
19 Art Brut • Formed A Band
20 MaxĂ®mo Park • Apply Some Pressure
21 Arctic Monkeys • From The Ritz To The Rubble
22 Dangerdoom • Benzie Box
23 Beck • Girl
24 Interpol • Slow Hands
25 Sufjan Stevens • Chicago

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