NYC 2008

Kari and I just returned from a hot-as-blazes trip to NYC. Here are a few photo highlights (click on em to see full size):

Jeff Koons exhibit at the Rooftop Gardens at the Met.

Imagine mosaic adorned w/ flowers (as usual).

Finally got to see the Statue of Liberty.

Livin' it up in Times Square.

Pedicab drivers for Obama.


Dan said...

You guys got to see Koons on The Roof! Nice. Is the Met awesome?

Ronson said...

The Met is great, but we didn't really see a whole lot since we mainly hung out on the rooftop.

The Koons exhibit was awesome but it was insanely hot and crowded at the Rooftop Gardens Bar (which we thought might be a quiet, out-of-the-way spot. Whoops.).

pamela said...

Koons has an exhibition at the MCA currently...it's some good stuff!